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Pediarix | VR Interactive Experience


Onboarding Interactive Preview


The main objective was to research, design, and develop a 3D interactive platform for web-based presentation of the product Pediarix. My goal was to interpret the client's vision and help translate it into a Virtual World.

Client | Pediarix

Role | Creative, 3D Artist & UX Designer

Platform | Mobile First/Web & Large Screen Presentation

Duration | 8 - 10 Weeks

Tools | Figma, Miro, Photoshop, 3DSMAX, Vray, User Testing, and UX Techniques

Team | Serge Pikhotskiy

Design and User Experience Approach

Due to the sheer size of the project and a fast-approaching deadline, it was of the utmost importance to plan out all of the design stages in order to stay on track to meet the product release date.


Project Outline & Task Assignment Spread Sheet

Understanding The Design Evolution

After getting the initial approval of the Moodboard designs that I've provided earlier to the client, I had to start sorting through dozens of documents and visual material to outline the information that will be presented in the 3D Interactive Platform. By analyzing all of the data and assets from our meetings & preliminary user research, I was able to establish a design direction and provide our client with the low-fidelity Interactive 3D Prototype. As a result, we helped the client to visualize and interact with the product that would be continuously refined on a phase-by-phase basis with the use of UX Research and Design Techniques.


Visual representation of design evolution

Usability Testing & User Engagement

When the mid-fidelity prototype was finally ready, I started working on the usability testing script that selected test participants would use. To get the most engagement out of the users, I've implemented the moderated testing method. Once the interviews with test participants were scheduled, I could finally execute the usability testing.


Journey Map Experience

User Testing & Findings

The best research insights come from the actual users, as they experience the product. The inability to complete the onboarding experience or not knowing how to interact with the product would have resulted in complete failure and diminished the sole purpose of the 3D interactive platform. Fortunately, because of user product testing, I was able to catch all of the pain points and eliminate them before proceeding further into product development.


Journey Map Experience

Data Analysis

To validate my research, I've used a qualitative data approach to gather insights from the usability testing of participants and the observation of their interaction with the prototype.

After sorting through data collected from usability testing, I've identified many important data points that were represented by severity levels to classify which changes had the highest priority.


Card Sorting & Severity Level Graphs

Interactive Prototype

While working on updating and improving the prototype, there were many software and technical limitations that created certain setbacks. At the end, I was able to eliminate most of the obstacles, successfully re-test the prototype and incorporate all of the changes before delivering the final prototype. Please click on the animated screen to visit the interactive prototype.


Please click on the animated screen to visit the interactive prototype

Next Steps


❖ Create an interactive map in the corner of the screen showing your current location and a compass/person pointing in the direction that the user is facing (similar to google street view)

❖ Add a constant, slightly pulsating effect for floor icons to remind the users that the icons are interactive.
❖ Create a pulsating outer glow around clickable elements within the scene to differentiate between static and interactive objects.

❖ The layout and design of buttons need to be improved
❖ Buttons needs to have an outer pulsating glow and a hover over state

❖ This will add more engagement and generate an interactive ambiance within the rooms

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